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 I would like to share with you my feelings on Joyful Senior Living in Huntersville, NC -
As you well know, my 97 year old mother was admitted to your facility the first of June of this year - At this point & time, she is requiring more one on one care with her physical condition - I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing you & your facility have been & continue to be with my mother -
First of all, your facility is very clean & spacious - There is plenty of  room for wheelchair & walker accessibility inside & out - All areas have been covered well as to activity areas, spacious dining area along with fresh food being cooked in the kitchen every day, continued daily care for mama to accommodate every need she may have & the loving care you & your special staff give her each & every day - You have been “God Sent” to our family & I love & appreciate you so very much for all you do! You certainly have a special gift to give anyone who is looking for special care -
Thank you for allowing me this time to share my feelings -
God Bless each & every one of you!

Amy Lee

"I had the opportunity to tour Joyful Senior Living shortly after it opened and was very impressed with what I found. The home is full of light, making it bright and cheery...something I would definitely need in a place I want to call home. I received a warm welcome from the staff and a resident who happened to be in the common area. I casually quizzed the resident about the home and she had nothing but good things to say about it, including how attentive the staff were and how good the food was. She liked being able to go outside and quietly sit in the enclosed back yard and just watch the traffic go by. Watching the staff interact with the resident, you could tell they had already created a close bond between them. Staff truly cared for the resident, meeting her needs in advance, yet still gently challenging her to physically rise to her highest level capable. I've been in a lot of long-term care communities over the years. And Joyful Senior Living is definitely a place I would consider for placement for someone who required the assisted living level of care."

Barbara Hearne

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